как и

см. тж. подобно тому, как

Here, as in the wet equatorial areas, the rainfall mechanisms are ...

The boiling point of a pure liquid, like the melting point of a pure crystal, represents a fairly sudden transition.

Like Boyle's law, this relation is followed by many gases.

These calculations, along with (or as well as) our findings, show that ...

The trains of meteors move with time as do noctilucent clouds.

The diameter required in order to fulfil this condition depends upon the reaction-zone length as does the critical diameter.

Presumably, as for the static case, the movement of the vibrating surface will be opposed in the manner of a spring.

The power unit is in a separate case as is the calibrated display unit.

Superconductors are as sensitive to changes in magnetic-field strength as they are to changes of temperature.

As with any chemical process, analysis is extremely important for process control.

Carbon dioxide shares with water vapour the property of absorbing infrared radiation.

In common with the other natural sciences chemistry is fundamentally concerned with ...

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