давать возможность

см. тж. обеспечивать возможность; позволять

The effect of Venus on artificial probes has given astronomers the chance to calculate ...

These vectorlike properties let us derive an expression that ...

This relation provides (or presents) a way (or a possibility, or a means) of estimating the actual savings.

This enables the operator to detect changes in amine concentrations.

This method enables one (or us) to solve the Hitchcock problem. The testing machine makes possible testing (or makes it possible to test) large components.

Knowledge of the numerical values of a and c offers (or furnishes) a means (or a way) of determining ...

These curves permit the life of bearings to be accurately specified.

A sharp peak due to stretching of the aldehydic C-H serves to differentiate it from other types of carbonyl compound.

Alpha emission provides a way for an unstable nucleus to lose two protons and two neutrons simultaneously.

These criteria provide the means of classifying (or furnish an opportunity to classify) the coal by rank.

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